GBBO Technical Challenge Styled Bakewell Tart

On Saturday, a handful of us (Paul, Allison, Cameron, Leah, Avani) decided to go on a tart adventure! Inspired by the technical challenges of Great British Bakeoff, we wanted to try baking something from the show that would challenge our baking skills without being impossible. We landed on the classic Bakewell Tart! This tart was the technical challenge in episode 5 of Season 7 (on Netflix as collection 4, hella confusing I know). It includes a short crust pastry, raspberry jam, frangipane, and layer offeathered almond icing. Our tart adventure was not lacking in excitement; we had missed steps, last minute substitutions, an oven filled with smoke, some excellent icing, a lot of ‘tasting’ our ingredients, and some guest appearances (Jess and Amy stopped by). I think its fair to say we had a blast. It was so nice to bake with friends, be able to see how others did things or just know that you aren’t the only one whose tart did weird things in the oven (like spew hot butter all over it). Having lovingly dubbed ourselves the “Loaf Island,” we invite anyone to join us for our baking shenanigans or just stop by to say Hi. We’re thinking something savory next!

Here is the recipe we used, courtesy of Mary Berry herself:

And here are some pictures of our triumphant tarts!

Leah’s Tart
Paul’s Tart
Cameron’s Tart
Avani’s Tart
Allison’s Tart

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