No Bad Hair Days (Submitted by Jess)

So much time! So much quiet. While some of us are stuck zoom chatting all afternoon, doing whatever we can to get through this tunnel of sheer virtual time, still others are waiting out the scariest part of this here rollercoaster ride. How crazy! Seems like it wasn’t too long ago that everything was familiar.  

My bathroom has become this incredible refuge during this time of uncertainty. I recently painted it this BEAUTIFUL blue/green color. Think a deeper turquoise hue – one that’s not quite as bright and loud, but one that’s earthy and opaque, heavy yet simultaneously light. Between that color and the way that the sun pours into the space around 3:30pm, the room is so peaceful. Almost meditative. Safe. 

My rhythm under these unspeakable circumstances is such that it’s about at that time of the day that I naturally find myself getting all dolled up. Where to? No where. Just ’cause. 

I bust out the brow pencil and the dry shampoo and then legit look at what the mop on my head is doing. Ughhh this spring weather makes my hairs soooo HUGE. And goodness I hope I don’t go full on grey by the time this isolation is over. But oh, the real joy? The curling iron. (Cue Beethoven’s Symphony #5 and a sparkly image of the good ‘ole Conair 2″ barrel.). Seriously. It’s the BEST. 

When I was in Sydney and things felt wild and confusing and uncertain, I got this transformative pleasure out of simply putting on mascara. Well here in Chicago – amidst the temporary unemployment and the worry that my company is going to go under, the “is it safe outside?” thoughts, and the ever-changing news reporting, the act of curling my hair offers a sweet release and escape from the chaos. The birds chirp outside the window – a sound typically so unheard of in this big city, as I part and comb and play. I highly recommend finding some solitude in your bathroom palace! Don’t worry, no toilet paper is necessarily required. 

Also too, dig into the back of your bathroom cabinet and see what’s back there. I found this AMAZING Tresemme curl control hair gel that’s been a lifesaver against my stressed-out frizz. Oh, and if there’s nothing for you in any of that, just get a pair of scissors or clippers. Did I mention I gave myself a trim over the weekend? 

Hey, whatever you gotta do right now, do ittttttt.