Updates from Francisco Street (Submitted by Matt D.)

three albums i hadn’t heard before this week that i then listened to for several hours on repeat without getting bored or antic or depressed:

natural child – okey dokey – 2016

did everybody know about this?  i loved their album from 2014 and apparently just missed this entirely.  they were very dirty to start with and loud and every song was about how totally ripped they were getting all the time, and this is much more restrained tonally and verbally but focused, but fun, weird, head-bobby.  for daytime!

music from the penguin cafe – 1976

this feels to me like if lou reed and john cale and brian eno all made an album but had lori anderson be in charge and is very unpredictable and could be a soundtrack to a sci fi movie?  a lost sequel to cat people with david bowie and mia farrow on a spaceship?  but this is all in the seventies and all these people i think are classically trained musicians being weird together, this is i guess a classic i had also overlooked and there’s a lot on it to read, it was especially good during the thunderstorm.

dorothy ashby – the rubaiyat of dorothy ashby – 1970

cheating a little cause i heard this on youtube last year but it just recently showed up on spotify finally, it is a heady orchestral choosy retelling of the rubaiyat of omar khayaam from the middle east which celebrates like, pleasure and wine and the time of pleasurably drinking your wine and gives maxims about it and is like an ur-text of romanticism?  she picks some of it to speak or sing out loud but for the rest builds big imaginative songs with all these different atypical instruments, the zithern and ocarinas and the harp of course (her other stuff is usually just her on the harp).  it’s great and works best in order on full repeat but works on shuffle too which actually helps the already well paced variety to sometimes even surprise itself.  early evening when the lights are coming on, with a whiskey drink or wine while cooking and waiting for things to glaze or deglaze.  a hip shaker!  five stars!

regarding cooking my first major discovery was tostadasssss – prepared in the amount that is normal (serving size: 1 family) this allows a solo mio to for over a week ! create tiny mexican pizzas on command.
second discovery: carbonara – because i got bored with breakfast and had slept into the afternoon, and wanted something that seemed like both!  the secret to not ending up with scrambled egg pasta (not the worst but not the point) is WHISKING which i did and retained a lil bit of pasta water to get everything to combine.  also it said to make the bacon (typical) separately but i was using diced andouille sausage so i browned it in the saucepan with onions before adding the eggs and cheese and then stirred in the linguine on top till it was a very Adult Tasteful mac and cheese full of egg richness and toasty andouille spice!  nice.  

if we’re keeping score i have yes seen all of tiger king and am hesitantly looking forward to the follow up episode next week – my fav new show i found is on amazon and is called tales from the loop and is like if that great season of black mirror in 2016 had 8 episodes all separate but set within a frame structure of a town with a big crazy sci fi science operation running underneath it.  could not stop!  i gasped, i cried.  the only episode that i thought got long and boring was i realized about the character i identified with the least (the dad) and after i thought about it more i realized i liked it just as much.  beautiful, slow, tender, thoughtful, scary, soft, gorgeous.
and designing women is on hulu!